Saturday, July 30, 2011

UFO sighted over Australia? One of the best UFO videos ever!

I got this from a Canadian newspaper reporting about a UFO sighting in Australia.
The video taken shows a UFO over the skies of Adelaide and it has pulsating lights unlike any aircraft that we know of. The video itself is pretty good and can make most skeptics think twice.
Without much doubt this viral UFO sighting is one of the better pieces of UFO video evidence that has been captured on video.

On December 7th 2010 a massive thunderstorm was fast approaching the city of Adelaide, South Australia. Hearing the weather forecast and seeing the thunderclouds beginning to scatter across the sky, the UFO eyewitness decided to set up their tripod to capture some lightning footage. Only a minute later, to their surprise a strange flying object appeared in the sky.

At first the eyewitness thought that the object may have been an aeroplane until they noticed that the object had no wings and then realised that the object's flashing lights did not have the resemblance of pulselites. According to the eyewitness, the back-and-forth pendulum swing of the object's lights became very vivid, and then the colour of the lights even seemed to change. As is visible towards the end of this UFO capture, the eye witness also makes mention of the craft's very close proximity to the nearby lightning, recalling lightning leap vertically into the sky only a short distance away.

On December 29th 2010, the Australian media (having witnessed the substantial growth in interest surrounding this UFO footage) released a newspaper article about this video. The feature article describes the strange capture and the widely varying opinions of sceptics and believers. The article also mentions that the Adelaide Airport General Manager of Corporate Affairs had commented that "Pulselite units were used on aircrafts flying over Adelaide." This is no doubt a strong indication that someone went to great lengths to seek a senior opinion on the subject of aviation (in direct response to this video).

Is this just another hoax or could it be true? What are your thoughts on this sighting?

Another Australian newspaper seemed to give a rational explanation...A new kind of lighting system called "Pulselight" to keep birds from striking the aircraft.

One non-believer offered an explanation to the December 7 UFO sighting, posted by FluffyJet Productions.
The non-believer posted a video last week of a Pulselite unit being used on a plane and said such warning devices are now used on some planes landing in Adelaide to avoid bird strikes.
Adelaide Airport general manager of corporate affairs John McArdle said Pulselite units were used on aircraft flying over Adelaide.
Mystery solved?

So UFO or new aircraft lighting system? You decide..The truth is out there!!!

Ghosts of 9/11 victims?

The 9/11 terrors attacks were no doubt among the most evil crimes perpetrated on innocent victims ever. More than 3000 people lost their life in the attacks. Most of these victims were snatched away from their life and deprived of their existence forcibly and cruelly. Their families had to bear this unimaginable loss. 

Did some of these victims return to visit or comfort their loved ones?
Here is an article from the New York post which seems to answer in the affirmative.

This week, seven relatives of people who died on 9/11 were given unprecedented access to the hallowed space at Ground Zero -- for a special on A&E.
With thousands of relatives and every network scrambling for a way inside the memorial a month before the official opening, why were these select few given this unprecedented access?
Believe it or not, it was because of their previous unprecedented access. No, not to living politicians -- but to their dead relatives.
Yes, all of these people have been visited or had signs from loved ones who died on that tragic day 10 years ago.
NOW: Jacie (with mom Lisa) sees visions of her dad.
   Jacie (with mom Lisa) sees visions of her dad.
          The Port Authority, apparently, isn't all steel and steely reserve.
"Beyond: Messages from 9/11," which will air on Sept. 10, grew out of 9/11 widow Bonnie McEneaney's book, "Messages: Signs, Visits and Premonitions From Loved Ones Lost on 9/11" (Harper Collins).

McEneaney based the book on her experiences with her husband, Eamon -- before and after he died -- as well as other 9/11 relatives who, like her, had signs and visitations from beyond the grave when they most needed comfort.
Bonnie's first experience was a "bright wind" that came from a tree and encircled her like a tiny, gentle tornado.
I was invited to join the group as we walked to the site with tears flowing freely as we stood at the "9/11 National Memorial Waterfalls."
Jacie O'Brien was just 4 when her dad, a broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, died on 9/11.
Jacie told me she had seen her dad many times on the swings in the playground in the years after 9/11.
"He liked to tell me knock-knock jokes," she said. She told her mom, Lisa, that he was with "the boys" from work. When Lisa showed her a photo of the other dead men, little Jacie named each one -- by first and last name.
Mark Reo, who lost both his brother John and his brother-in-law John Swaine on 9/11, came to meet firefighter John Morabito, who has spoken out about his experiences that day.
Morabito has revealed his experiences -- including how, at the end of that first horrific day, he crossed the Brooklyn Bridge accompanied by an African American construction worker who told him to keep telling the world the story of that day. Turns out, his companion was not alive and was only seen by him.
Reo, through tears, told me that after 9/11 he went to the train station where his brother and brother-in-law used to commute together and yelled into the wind, "John, you've got to give me a sign!"
When he turned the corner, a large cardboard box was in his path and, as he stood there, a shaft of sunlight fell directly on the letters imprinted on the box. "Brother" was spelled out in bright blue letters.
Life is very strange indeed. Let us pray that these folks find peace and comfort and also that the world does not get to suffer such horror ever again!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bhangarh fort 2 - India's most haunted place

Dear readers, the most popular post in my blog remains my old post about Bhangarh.
Since that was an older post and did not contain much information, I thought it best to revisit this topic with a much better analysis of this place.

Ghost stories and haunted places have no dearth in India. Yet Bhangarh has managed to stay on top with respect to being the most feared and popular haunted place. I think most of the horror and fear is accentuated because of the warning board put up by the Archaeological Society of India(ASI).
I mean when the government itself says "Get the hell out after sunset"..what else can you hope for?
The board basically says "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited."

Some pics of this dreaded place:
Dare to enter inside???

I have not personally visited Bhangarh but want to in the near future and that will definitely be posted here. But the following should give you all the basic information you need about Bhangarh.

1. Bhangarh is a town (actually ruins) in the northern state of Rajasthan in India. There is a great fort here(actually ruins of a fort) which is supposed to be haunted.

2. It was ruled in the 1600's by the relatives of the general(Man Singh I) of the great Mughal emperor Akbar.

3. In the late 1700's a famine killed almost all residents and the survivors moved to other places and thus it was deserted and became a ghost town.

4. Actually it became a real "ghost town" since the locals now believe the whole place is haunted.

5. Some say that a sage or religious man named Guru Balu Nath had a small living area(hut) nearby the palace and said that the height of the palace should not be raised such that its shadow might fall on the hut. A descendant of the ruling family actually increased the height of the palace and this made its shadow to fall on the hut and thus Balu Nath's curse came true and the place was haunted by spirits.

6. Some also say that a tantrik(Indian witch doctor who dabbles in black magic) cursed the place after the princess who he had cast his eyes on, rejected him and was the cause of his death.

7. Nowadays people hear strange sounds, light and see figures moving around at night near the fort.
Many have reported supernatural activity near the fort and I will not be surprised if some scientific community has not already done research here.

8. Among the scary incidents reported (After 6 PM):-
     a. Real scary female screaming is heard(The princess?)
     b. Loud maniacal laughter(Tantrik or the baba?)
     c. Lights going on and off
     d. Sudden loud wind and dust storms occurring all of a sudden.
     e. Ghostly figures and shadows moving around.

9. Many have also reported the feeling of horror and dread near the ruins even in the day time. Some passages are dark without light and it is scary to even think of going inside.

10. The ASI says that the "official" reason for the warning is that wild animals could be present after 6 PM and since the area is not well lit, the place may also present a  safety issue.
But ASI who are you kidding, we all know very well why you have out that notice.

11. Local legends speak of so many brave men who tried to go here at night and never returned!!!

12. Bhangarh is so scary and has a such a reputation of being haunted, it always turns up in the list of most haunted places in the world!

Check this list out and see what distinguished company Bhangarh has!!!

I will surely visit this place and try to be here after sunset....But remember most people try to check out haunted places at night in groups...Remember the true test of a haunted place is going ALONE!!!

Be sure to take a video camera though...So that if you do not return, then we can at least see what killed you.

More on Bhangarh in a later post. For now please comment if you have anything to add to this.

For ghosts of Bangalore, read this:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Planet Nibiru: part 1

Quick note: I am back after a 6 month hiatus...Thank you all for the continued support. I will endeavor to post more often now onwards.

The hysteria surrounding 2012 has reached a peak in the recent years especially with the release of the Hollywood blockbuster in 2009. When people began researching this on the internet, another thing caught their fancy....The supposed arrival of a hypothetical rogue planet Nibiru.

For the rest of us like myself who devour conspiracy theories and read the works of Zechariah Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken, Nibiru has been an old acquaintance.

So what is Nibiru? 

Nibiru is the name given to a planet which according to many people, is on a collision course with Earth. There are some who say it will pass by Earth but the resulting gravitational forces will rip our planet apart.
Most theories suggest that Nibiru is on a highly elliptical orbit around the sun..approximately taking 3500+ years for a revolution. Yet others suggest that it is a rogue planet which is just wandering into our solar system from places unknown.

Almost all theories agree on one thing. It is coming to end life on the Earth.

A search on youtube will yield so many home made videos about the coming to Nibiru to Earth.
This is the most popular one.

Most scientists believe that there is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests that there is no Nibiru out there and even if it is present, it is not coming anywhere close to the Earth.
Their main arguments are as follows:

1. If an object that large was coming towards us and expected to hit in 2012, we would see it by now.
2. An object with a 3500 year orbit seems highly improbable..
3. Such a large object passing through space will destabilize surrounding objects due to gravity...If it were to enter from the outer solar system, all the planets would be knocked off their orbits.

Of course the supporters say that space agencies especially NASA have been covering up the truth and that telescopes have confirmed a large planet headed towards us. This has not been released to the public because of fears of mass hysteria just like the movie "2012". It is said that "South Pole telescope" was built for the sole purpose of tracking Nibiru.

Some also claim that "Nibiru" might actually be a comet named Elenin which is supposed to come very close to the on 16 October 2011. Some people have gone as far to say that the "ELE" in "Elenin" stands for "Extinction Level Event"....Sounds very scary...but it could be a close call indeed.

A pic was posted claiming to be a NASA photograph of Nibiru and this stirred the internet quite a lot.

But this was proved to be actually a star called V838 Mon.

So is Nibiru really heading towards us? We can only hope that it is not and speculate.

More on Nibiru, 2012 and Sitchin in another post.